JohnnySwim “Heart Beats”

Oct 12, 2013 by Scyance - 1 Comment

Johnnyswim?? a folk, soul, blues, pop music duo consisting of singer-songwriters Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez. The duo formed in 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee. Ramirez trained as a musician and Sudano spent summers touring the world as a backing singer for her mother Donna Summer.
They first met after Sunday service at a church in Nashville. Four years later Sudano attended a songwriting workshop held by Ramirez and became interested in writing songs with him … forming Johnnyswim.. They were married in 2009.. and yes, they make beautiful music together. ha Check it out.>

If you liked that one.. check this other track out I heard on the same day.. I don’t know which I like more? They are both dope. and I play them both alot!
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD “sweater Weather”
If you wanna hear some more from Johnnyswim..>

Check this one out.. alot more on the slower more mellow/nashville sounding side. but still dope none the less.


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